The method of management of energy consumption of buildings on the basis of a systematic approach includes:


    Monitoring of current energy consumption of buildings


    Buildings energy consumption forecasting


    Rationing of buildings energy consumption indicators



Lower level (level of the building)
Collection of information and creation of database

Data logbook is maintained to collect daily data on energy consumption and climate performance indicators of the building. Once a month, data (for the previous month) are entered into the low-level software and stored in the database.


Data processing and current energy consumption monitoring

Processing of information about the building is performed with the use of energy monitoring and comparative analysis, in order to assess the current state of energy consumption level and its comparison with the normative indicators for different time intervals


Report generation and transmission of data at system level

Lower level software also allow for generalization of these reports and formation of a data file for transmission to the system level. The data file is sent once a quarter, semester or year.


Upper level (system level of buildings)
Creation of system-level database

Further, at the upper level, the information received is entered into the database of buildings. Depending on data receipt the database is updated and supplemented. Data reading of necessary data, and, if necessary, their verification and sorting are performed for further information processing by the top-level software.


Data processing and use of system analysis methods

Verification, sorting and statistical processing of data are performed, if necessary, after reading the necessary information from the database. Possibility to use the main system analysis procedures is determined as the result.

Allowable range of energy consumption of each building and basic system analysis procedures, such as interval estimation and in-depth analysis, forecasting and energy consumption rationing, are determined as the result of approximation of the data in each time range.


Development of recommendations for optimization the energy consumption of buildings and report generation

As the result of use of system analysis methods the following are determined:

  • - all buildings with abnormal energy consumption;

  • - priority buildings for energy audits and implementation of technical measures for energy saving;

  • - predicted values of energy consumption of buildings for the planning of organizational and technical energy saving measures;

  • - standard values for energy consumption of buildings to control and incentive of facilities.

  • - the report is generated.


The first stage of the method implementation allows save up to 10 - 15% of the financial costs for energy consumption without significant capital investments

Monitoring of the current energy consumption data of the buildings

Forecasting and rationing of energy consumption of buildings

Identification of primary objects for energy audits